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Lean Part VIII: Standardized Work

Standardized work is one of the least popular Lean tools, but also one of the most powerful. It is the collection and implementation of the best practices known to that point, and its application forms the baseline for continuous improvement. As improvements are made, the new standards become the baseline for further improvements, rendering standardized work a perpetually ongoing process.

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HVTDC Welcomes Valley Manufacturers for ISO Update Workshop

On Friday, March 18, manufacturers from across the Hudson Valley were introduced to the latest updates to ISO 9001:2015. Chuck Mitman, Co-Founder and President of PRISM International, lead the workshop, the first of its kind hosted by the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) and sponsored by Orange County Trust Company.

Taking place in the Larkin Conference Room in New Windsor, NY, participants delighted in a continental breakfast before Chuck reviewed the changes and revisions in technology, business diversity, and global commerce. Upon examining implementation schedules and risk management, Chuck resolutely declared what he’d repeat several times throughout the morning: “Don’t think of it as being ISO certified; think of it as the way you do things.” Much of the discussion emphasized ISO as an organizational mindset and company culture – the transformation of a quality management system into a total business management system.

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Bringing Technology to Your Business - Part IV: Better Business Management

Is your documentation scattered? Do you know your key business indictors? What about your yield, cycle times, lead times, and inventory – both product and supply? Do you track your equipment and resource utilization? Are you on top of your serviceability, traceability, and financial data? Do you have a quality monitoring system in place? Do you ever neglect your EC (engineering change) levels?

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Sigmund Cohn Corp Achieves Gold Status

The Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) congratulates Sigmund Cohn Corp for the continued improvement of their manufacturing processes and the use of their internal ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS). For the past two years, the Mount Vernon, NY precious metals wire and precision fabricator has refined and improved their QMS, making considerable progress on their internal and customer performance requirements.

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